pollution & chemical damage

Every day our skin is subject to environmental damage. 

From air pollution and cigarette smoke through to UV radiation, the modern world can be a cocktail of chemicals and pollution causing free radical and ROS damage. 

Even the screens on our devices can contribute to skin damage. It’s long been known that UV radiation is a key factor in skin ageing, but there is growing evidence that visible light, particularly blue light and infrared light (heat), also affect the skin. 

As well as air and light pollution, our bodies have to deal with foreign chemicals we have not evolved alongside. The average person is exposed to over 100,000 industrial chemicals, every day.  

This exposure comes from pesticides, chemicals in the cleaning products we use in the home, in cosmetics and also in packaging. Some chemicals have the ability to bind to human tissue and induce autoimmunity and inflammation; examples are bisphenol A, some pesticides, herbicides and even some medicines. 

Chemicals and synthetic ingredients, used in many skincare and cosmetic products, can cause a variety of undesirable side effects, especially for people with sensitive skin and potential allergic reactions.

Pollution and chemicals are everywhere, but Adaptology is here to help.