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Calling all Wellness and Spa Professionals


We are looking for passionate, qualified practitioners who would like to help their clients have healthier skin and lead a toxin free lifestyle. We would like to partner with you as brand advocates.

I am Laura, the founder of Adaptology and I created Adaptology to help people solve their skin problems and support them in their journey towards better skin health and greater skin confidence.

Adaptology was born from a real drive to create a more personalised ‘whole person’ approach to skincare, with a mission to empower people to understand their skin concerns and make knowledgeable choices to improve their skin and their health in the long run. So I set out to create the most effective natural and organic range to help solve skin problems and create healthy skin.

We would love to partner with you to help people achieve healthier skin.

Laura Rudoe

Founder, Adaptology



What is Adaptology?

Stressed skin? Adaptology has the solution for dry, fatigued, irritated, sensitive skin, breakouts, redness, or inflammation.

Our 5 targeted ranges have been created to naturally calm, soothe, boost and hydrate for stress-free, beautifully healthy skin.

Naturally better: Adaptology products are formulated with adaptogens - plants that thrive and have evolved over thousands of years in deserts, oceans, rainforests, the arctic and high altitudes.

Their resilience to overcome extreme conditions is the secret we’ve harnessed to help your skin thrive too.

Why become an Ambassador?

Real Results

Our Adaptogen based formulas contain clinically tested natural ingredients that will deliver real results for your clients, whilst helping them lead a toxin free lifestyle.

Generous benefits

A 10% discount for your client and a 15% commission for you on every sale. An additional 5% on sales generated by other professionals that are referred by you.

Training and community

Join our community, help us design new Adaptology products and receive comprehensive online training.

How it works

  1. Apply to join our Ambassador programme. Tell us about you and your business and clients.
  2. Once we've approved your application, you will receive a code to try our products at a discounted price.
  3. Try our products! We hope you like them.
  4. If you would be happy to recommend Adaptology, create your unique code in our ambassador portal.
  5. When you recommend Adaptology, tell your clients your code and they will receive 10% off their order.
  6. If you publish content online or on social, you can also get a unique referral link to our website.
  7. You will earn 15% commission on every client purchase made using your code or link, for every sale.
  8. Recommend other professionals to us and you could earn a further 5% on their sales too.