nutrition for healthy skin

Our nutrition has undergone a sweeping change that our stone age bodies have struggled to keep up with. 

Modern day soils do not contain the high levels of minerals found before the agricultural revolution. This means that a high percentage of the population is deficient in essential minerals such as magnesium, as well as trace minerals which are all important for the body.

Examples of this nutritional change include modern day apples which are now larger and sweeter than they once were, and ancient wheat such as spelt and kamut being easier to digest than its modern day, mass produced counterpart

Our modern diet contains a much higher proportion of carbohydrates and lower levels of fibre and fat. This in turn nourishes different bacteria in our biome, and has resulted in a much less diverse population of bacteria than of indigenous tribes who do not follow a Western diet. 

Scientists are only now beginning to understand quite how important our biomes are to our health, but it is something we put a firm focus on at Adaptology with our skin life support system.