adapting to modern life

We weren't built for this.

Modern life has advanced at a much faster pace than our skin has. The way we live now is not what humans were built to deal with. 

Human beings evolved over millions of years in a stone age world, and since becoming ‘civilised’ just 2,000 years ago our skin has not had time to adapt to all of the changes this has brought. 

That’s why Adaptology takes skin solutions from evolution. Looking to the adaptogens and extremogens that have evolved to thrive in the extremes of nature, to help your skin benefit from these adaptive properties that have been millions of years in the making.

There are four main areas in which our skin has struggled to adapt:

beating chronic stress

Our bodies are programmed to deal with stress in short, sharp bursts, not the lengthy periods it has to deal with now. Think running away from a sabre-tooth tiger rather than a big looming deadline. This is bad for our skin, and it's important you know why.

pollution and chemical damage 

Your skin is facing a battle every day to overcome environmental damage. From cigarette smoke through to UV pollution, there is a lot your face has to contend with that it didn't have to before modern life intervened. Find out what this means for your skin.  

nutrition for healthy skin

Day to day our diets may not change, but over thousands of years they have and this is something our bodies often struggle to keep up with. Our skin biomes and the bacteria that call them home are becoming less diverse, and this is putting your skin under strain. 

healthy sleep cycles

Our bodies evolved to follow the circadian rhythm of light and dark, but with the advent of electricity all of this changed. We no longer rely upon the sun for light, and this means that our source of UV is diminished, often affecting our sleeping patterns. As anyone who's had a bad nights sleep knows, this is quickly reflected in your skin.