how our adaptogens survive and thrive

Sourced from the extremes of nature, the highly effective bioactives in the Adaptology range have bio-adapted over millions of years to become resilient to stress and other harsh conditions. 

That is why we have carefully chosen them to appear in the range. 

Here is a little more about the 5 ecosystems our natural bioactives, extremogens and adaptogens come from.

high altitude heroes

Cold winters, low temperatures, thin air and very high levels of UV radiation. Anything that can survive in this environment knows how to deal with stress, and that's why we've included them in our range. 

Get skin help from high up.

arctic adaptogens 

The extreme cold of the arctic can crush cellular walls, but nature has found a way to adapt and overcome. Extremophillic bacteria know how to strengthen their cellular walls to protect against the cold, and we've taken this adaptation and put it in our skincare. 

Don't leave your skin out in the cold. 

desert dwelling adaptogens

No water, sweltering days and freezing night is a mix that is hard to stomach for most life in the desert, but not our powerful plants. 

Don't let your skin be parched. 

marine skin soothers

This ever changing environment means that the plants in it have had to adapt to their surroundings, and adapt frequently. It is these adaptations that we've taken to include in our range to help your skin. 

Bring these underwater wonders to your skins surface.

the rainforest comes to the rescue 

With so much life on show, it's a case of survival of the fastest for our rainforest adaptogens. Those plants that don't adapt quickly don't survive, and it's these winning changes we've taken to include in our skincare products. 

Leafy greens are great for your skin.