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"Felt really nice on my skin, could definitely see an improvement in the blemishes when used daily for at least a week."


"I love this moisturiser, I use it everyday and have noticed a significant change In my acne and pores. It’s works great under makeup. It’s light and absorbs quickly."


"Total game changer from the first use!!! Usually have an issue with oily skin on my nose and cheeks. But since trying the Break Free cleanser that has become a non issue. My face feels calmer, soothed and no longer oily. Wish I'd known about the product before. Definitely on my xmas wishlist."


"I have been using this toner for two months and have seen a huge difference to my skin. It has helped my skin to exfoliate sooth and rehydrate my skin. I have not had any acne and has helped manage my pores. Which I don't worry about now. It now has become my nightly routine to use this product. Highly recommend for all skin types."


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How our adaptogens help blemish prone skin