What are Adaptogens?

Introducing the Resurrection Plant

Nature’s Superstars

Our founder Laura set out to create a naturally effective range of skincare that delivers clinically proven outstanding results. She searched the globe for earth’s most powerful natural ingredients and she found what she was looking for in natural adaptogens. 

One billion years in the making: natural problem solving in a bottle

Adaptogens are plants that thrive in extreme environments such as deserts, oceans, rainforests, the artic and high altitude regions. These plants thrive in the extremes of nature and our skin can benefit from their natural resilience and stress busting properties. 

Each adaptogen has adapted to its natural environment over millions if not billions of years, which give them amazing properties that can be used on the skin. Plants in the extremes have been pushed to the very limit, which makes them the most potent natural extracts available. 

Protect against skin stress

Pollution, chemicals, radiation, chronic stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition impact our skin all day long. Our adaptogens boost skin resilience by protecting skin cells from the irritants and environmental stresses that impact its appearance on a daily basis.