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anti ageing cleanser / 100ml / anti ageing toner / 100ml / anti ageing serum / 30 ml / anti ageing moisturiser / 50 ml


It’s time for a new routine.

Start with our gentle cleanser to restore radiance, accelerate skin renewal (High Altitude Rosehip Oil) and brighten age spots (Vitamin C). Follow with our toner to deeply hydrate (low molecular weight HA), brighten and smooth skin (Enzymes). Next, use our hard-working anti-ageing serum to boost skin firmness (Sacha Inchi Peptides), and reduce the depth of fine lines and wrinkles (Niacinamide and Antarctic Glycoproteins). Finally, use the piece - de - de-resistance, a highly hydrating, age spot reducing cream (Bio Retinol Bidens Pilosa), which also provides all day protection against pollution (Adaptogen Protection Complex).

- lightly removes makeup whilst hydrating and restoring the barrier layer

-enhances cellular renewal, revealing brighter skin without irritation

- reduce the visible signs of ageing, reducing the appearance of wrinkles

- defends against modern living: stress, pollution and radiation


Apply one pump of this oil based cleanser into your palm and massage into damp skin to recharge your skin cells.



Follow with a pump of this enzyme fuelled toner onto your cleansed skin for instantly brighter skin.


Then apply a pump of this niacinamide serum onto cleansed and toned skin to help improve the visible effect of ageing.


Finally, apply this anti ageing cream morning and night onto clean, cleansed skin for stress protected and plumper skin.


helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil*, polyglyceryl-4 oleate, parfum (naturally derived fragrance), ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, rosa canina (rosehip) fruit oil*, hippophae rhamnoides (sea buckthorn) fruit oil*, tocopherol.


aqua (water), rosa damascena flower water*, citrus aurantium amara flower water*, pentylene glycol (from sugar cane), glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, mucor miehei extract, withania somnifera root extract*, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder*, fructose, potassium sorbate, phytic acid, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate


aqua (water), glycerin**, pentylene glycol (from sugar cane), niacinamide, coco-caprylate, isoamyl laurate, pseudoalteromonas ferment extract, cetearyl alcohol, bentonite, parfum (naturally derived fragrance), sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed plukenetia volubilis seed extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder*, salicylic acid, glyceryl stearate, jojoba esters, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed wax, sodium stearoyl glutamate, isoamyl cocoate, xanthan gum, tocopherol, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, phytic acid, polyglycerin-3, sodium benzoate, sodium hydroxide.


aqua (water), coco-caprylate/ caprate, isoamyl laurate, cetearyl alcohol, pentylene glycol (from sugar cane), c10-18 triglycerides, candelilla/ jojoba/ rice bran polyglyceryl-3 esters, glyceryl stearate, glycerin, parfum (naturally derived fragrance), ectoin, astrocaryum murumuru seed butter, bidens pilosa extract, gossypium herbaceum (cotton) seed oil, linum usitatissimum (linseed) seed oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder*, sodium hyaluronate, withania somnifera root extract*, tephrosia purpurea seed extract, propanediol, sucrose stearate, sodium stearoyl lactylate, microcrystalline cellulose, cetearyl glucoside, isoamyl cocoate, fructose, cellulose gum, xanthan gum, tocopherol, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, sucrose palmitate, phytic acid

meet the adaptogen family



Retinol is a form of vitamin A that promotes skin renewal and collagen production, and these help to keep skin looking young as you get older. No wonder retinol became a hit beauty ingredient, marketed in ‘facelift’ creams. The problem is that retinol can be overstimulating and irritate sensitive skin. This is why we use a plant-based bio retinol instead, bringing retinol benefits without the drawbacks. Our bio retinol comes from Bidens Pilosa - a member of the daisy family, long prized in Chinese medicine.

The results? Reduces (by 36%) the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation; soothes; supports elasticity and collagen synthesis.

meet the adaptogen family



Hyaluronic Acid (HA) provides effective hydration. This clear gloopy substance is naturally produced by your body to keep cell tissues moist so you have bags of it already in your skin and eyes. Topping this up is hugely beneficial. The one problem with just adding it topically is it can sit on the surface. This creates a breathable surface barrier. But doesn't get deep into the skin.

So in our formulations we also use Low molecular weight HA to plump the skin and smooth wrinkles. Along with Very Low molecular weight HA to go deeper into the skin with its hydration therapy.

meet the adaptogen family



Good things come in threes. Especially in our Adaptogen Protection Complex. Ection. Wild Indigo. Ashwagandha. All three help to protect your skin, and they work wonders as a skin superhero team. Ashwagandha is a powerhouse packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that help protect the skin against UV light and environmental pollutants. Wild Indigo is the calming influence that breaks down cortisol from stress and protects skin against damage. Ection is the survivor which protects and restores your skin barrier to help regulate hydration.

The results: Our Adaptogen complex defends against pollution, UV, blue light and stress-related ageing.

meet the adaptogen family



Imagine your superpower was surviving by clinging on to an Antarctic glacier. The bacteria that thrive in these conditions evolved special glycoproteins to protect cell walls from extreme cold and salt. These handily protect human skin, keeping it hydrated. They also increase skin cohesion, stimulating collagen and elastin production. All things that improve skin smoothness and reduce wrinkles.

The results? Glycoproteins reduce wrinkle depth by 44%, boost hydration by up to 45% and naturally protect skin in extreme cold.

meet the adaptogen family



Niacinamide is needed by your skin to make several enzymes (NAD+ and NADP) that are used in reactions that repair damage, make new cells and function in a healthy manner. We get Niacin from vitamin B rich foods - such as tuna, peanuts and avocado - but the body does not store it so we need fresh supplies every day. Niacinamide provides natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection. Applied to skin it can also increase the production of Ceramides - the lipids that form skin’s protective barrier. Because it is a building block of healthy skin, Niacin has claimed benefits for blemish clearing, minimising enlarged pores, smoothing wrinkles, improving uneven skin tone, diminishing dullness. All signs that your skin has exactly what it needs to find its own natural healthy balance.

The results? 4% Niacinamide further boosts blemish clearing; AGEING: Niacinamide reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 51%.

meet the adaptogen family



Sacha Inchi is a trendy superfood, sourced from the Peruvian Amazon and packed with 17 times more omega 3 than salmon. Sacha Inchi peptide is an anti-aging ingredient clinically proven to decrease facial sagginess for a more contoured jawline, restructure & smooth skin, increase dermis density and reduce wrinkles. Derived from an ancient Peruvian grain, it boosts firmness, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, leaving skin feeling toned for a more youthful and rejuvenating look. It is also high in omega 3 fatty acids which help moisturise and soften skin leading to wrinkle prevention

The results: proven to reduce skin sagging by 45% and decrease skin roughness more than 20%.

meet the adaptogen family



Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng was used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. The name Ashwa is Sanskrit for horse as this adaptogenic powerhouse was associated with youthfulness, vitality, a lustrous complexion, boosted immunity and - you guessed it - the strength of a horse.

More recently it has become a trend ingredient for natural skincare. Ashwagandha contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that help protect the skin from stress caused by UV-light, blue light and environmental pollutants. It reduces the signs of fatigue in favour of a healthy glow by boosting cellular energy and restoring skin vitality.

meet the adaptogen family



Mushrooms are all the rage at the moment. And that’s because they act as nature’s bio-innovation lab. Funghi use an incredible range of enzymes to biodegrade tough organic matter. A forest mushroom from Japan called Mucor Miehei produces an enzyme called Actizyme. Scientists discovered this closely mimics enzymes produced by human skin to stimulate renewal. It matches so closely that Actizyme blends in like a ninja. It even adjusts pH to match that of the skin. The result is the gentle peeling away of old skin cells without the irritation caused by harsher exfoliation agents.

The results? 20% more skin renewal. Leaving the skin noticeably smoother. Actizyme also hydrates the skin, improves brightness and clarity.

meet the adaptogen family



Here’s the issue. Vitamin C is great for helping the skin fight free radicals. But it is water soluble. Whereas skin is 50% oil. So if you put vitamin C on the skin very little gets absorbed. Enter Vitamin C-tetra, the oil based form of Vitamin C that improves skin radiance without irritation. It is made by combining Vitamin C with a long chain fatty acid. The result being that it is easily absorbed deep into the skin.

The results: able to produce better results on the skin even if used at doses 25 times lower than those of standard Vitamin C.

meet the adaptogen family



Rosehip - the fruit buds on rose bushes after flowering - has been used for its healing properties since ancient times. During WW2 children were given rosehip syrup as part of their rations. Ours comes from the high Andes where adapting to the harsh UV and cold makes these plants especially hardy, and their protective botanicals correspondingly potent. Rosehip oil is rich in bio retinol (see Bidens Pilosa) which benefits ageing skin. As well as omega-3.

The results? Keeps skin nourished and hydrated, reduces the signs of ageing, clinically proven to reduce the appearance of scars.

meet the adaptogen family



Sourced from the frozen far North and packed with self protective botanicals. Arctic Sea Buckthorn is a bright orange berry that grows in the coastal regions of Eurasia from the Atlantic all the way to China. It thrives in salty and arid terrains where other plants can’t compete. It’s widely used in traditional medicine, and no wonder as these are antioxidant powerhouses packed with omega 3, omega 7, along with 12 times more vitamin C than oranges, and more beta carotene than carrots. Sea Buckthorn oil has multiple benefits when applied to skin, hydrating, boosting elasticity and reducing redness and roughness.

The results: boosts skin elasticity by 25% and reduces the appearance of roughness, redness and irritation.

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