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dry spell range

dry spell range

Dry skin can relearn how to retain moisture.

Relief is around the corner with the dry spell range. This is adaptogen based skincare for dry skin, which provides intense nourishment, coupled with clever skin-barrier therapy to leave skin feeling soothed, revitalised and deeply hydrated thanks to the bio-correcting brilliance of our adaptogen ingredients.

Resurrection Plant is a desert extremogen that can hydrate the skin 49.5% in just two hours, and increase skin elasticity by 93%.  

Desert Glycoproteins are desert dwelling extremogens from bacteria that protect skin cells against pollution and radiation, helping to repair the skin barrier and improve skin elasticity by 82% in just 28 days. 

Biomimetic Lipids help to restore the skin barrier by up to 62%, increasing hydration by 30% in just four hours, elasticity by 15% and improving firmness by 14% in 7 days. 

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    dry skin cleanser / 30ml / dry skin serum / 10 ml / dry skin moisturiser / 15 ml Containing a hydrating cleanser, serum and moisturiser f...

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